Sasha Erwitt's eye for great image making has developed from over 18 years as a photo director and editor at top luxury publications including Vanity Fair and Town & Country. She has assigned, produced and art directed celebrity, portrait and fashion photo shoots around the world. In addition she has photo researched and edited book projects for clients including François Nars, Michael Kors and Ian Schrager. 

Sasha's father, photographer Elliott Erwitt, has greatly influenced her approach to taking photos. Her observational humor and instinct for small moments with bigger meaning defines her style, and her lifelong experience grimacing in front of Elliott's lens makes her uniquely empathetic to reluctant subjects. 

Using a documentary approach, Sasha's aim is to gain your trust and by doing so, enable you to reveal the best, most natural versions of yourselves. 

She holds a B.A. in Art History from Vassar College. 

Photos of Sasha grimacing © Elliott Erwitt; photo of Sasha smiling (at right) by Sharon Suh


"Sasha has photographed many parties for my non-profit organization, Take the Cake. We host birthday parties for kids whose families are unable to have them. Sasha is an incredibly talented photographer. She’s able to capture the most important moments, feeling and expressions -- both big and small. All of her photos tell a rich story, one that our birthday boys and girls and their families will treasure for a lifetime. In addition, Sasha is an absolute pleasure to work with. She responds quickly to questions, has a wonderful rapport with children and adults and is always prompt and ready to get to work! We are so grateful that she’s given so much of her time and abundant talent to children in need!" -Janine


"I am so grateful for these captured moments by our new friend and local photographer Sasha Erwitt! The twins immediately trusted her and loved her down to earth vibe which made for such a joyful portrait experience! Treasuring these." -Alicia


"Sasha is incredibly perceptive, not only about the environment she’s working in, but in the interpersonal dynamics of a situation. She’s a natural collaborator with a keen eye for capturing the most revealing moments." -Marcy